SERFs are working on a book of our journeys together....we performed our first story on 15/1/2014
Photo Shoot at New Cross 283 – 285 New Cross Road
SE14 6AS @4pm ,7th of March by @SERisingForce

We will take photos of solidarity for thousands of women and transgender people all around the world
Our feminist friends from Turkey @ifkfeminist #feministgeceyuruyusu
are under threat of police violence in Taksim.
Some of you know well, some of you have probably heard of the police blockage in Taksim after Gezi protests,
which is still going on.
Come to New Cross Library to take part in our photo shoot. We will be meeting in front at 4pm.
Please bring your solidarity message with you, we will also have some posters, markers and papers.

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