2014- SERFs like to see more flowers and care of plants on our streets, we gather and plant as we wish. We need your support. Because we love our streets!

We'd be grateful to have your help, whether funding or a hand!
Here below some photos of what we have done so far!

As a tree is stronger in a forest, providing life for others, so too are we likely to survive if we help each other. Our project is about forgotten trees and stories which makes our journey meaningful and powerful. We grow and get strength with them. The wonder and mystery of trees is such that they were assigned with magic and symbolism.

(As a child)

Opal Whitely wrote about reconciliation with the power of the wild;

Today near even-time I did lead
the girl who has no seeing

a little way into the forest

where it was darkness and shadows were.

I led her toward a shadow

that was coming our way.

It did touch her cheeks

with its velvety fingers.

And now she too

does have likings for shadows.

And her fear that was is gone.

All life on the planet shares a lot of common DNA so we are in many respects a one tribe one family on this planet. These under shadow stories aim to inject some of that knowledge to reunify ourselves with nature and vice versa to re-acknowledge the power within.

Have we, by talking too much, lost our abilities to hear nature and each other?

Are we living naturally and fairly enough for our own good?

Human well being depends on tree health, and for this, trees depend on the integrity of their communities. Trees need each other partly because they are helpfully connected beneath the soil by fungus. This workshops explores the rooty, rhizomatic kinds of fungus called Mychorrizae that help trees thrive. What can we learn from Mychorrizae to design healthier communities of people? Responding to the Just Dis Trees in the square, which are all about trees and community, come to create an installation of nodes and threads amongst trees in the garden of the Old Tidemill School.