to be conceived : From Past to Imagination

6 march – 17 march 2013

“We are a productive reality. We are the reality, but that part of reality means we need to produce another reality.”         

                                                                                           Ai Wei Wei

to be conceived' group show comprises a series of sculptural assemblages, paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, digital artworks reportraiting;

subjects of the history, drawings of fictional cities, urban transformations, expressive doodles, new languages of environs, visual narratives of the survivor's existence, subterranean world of London Tube tunnels, colors of light, imagined works of story-telling, depicting cultural ways of life, manipulation of expressions, recontextualised pieces of memorabilia, constructions of familiar beings, candies for nerves, figures in emotional woe, beloved displays, drawings of unknown lives, knitted parallels, normative readings of gender, expressions of inside-out, richness of our animal powers, tactile power of colors, uniting power of collective self experiences, childhood existence, fluidity of culture and identity, private and public notions of self, hybrid balances of playful constructions, the irresistable roles of mankind, and other habitual objects combined with natural and synthetic materials.

As well as, video works depicting; reconstructed self-empowerment, playful nature of politics in relationships, material portrait of an individual, and a different story telling.

For 'to be conceived', 38 artists correlates concious states of different moments from polite conversations with a notion of a larger, more distant landscapes

© Banu C. and Karen Rumsey